Growing up in California, I studied under my father, who was a chef of 40 years, she owned three restaurants. one was called stocks. one was Mr. Stocks. And then there was stocks too. I became a saucier for him.I learned quite a bit from him. After he fired me seven times, I ended up different locations. Eventually, I ended up in the Ambrosia, which is a five star restaurant in Costa Mesa, California, right near the performing arts theater. I worked at a chef named Christian Red Wall, who was a French chef who was very, very classical and an excellent chef. He was the second chef to the Rothschild family and Vici France. He taught me a very lot of things about sauces, and how to make sauces and how to get  the essence to make the sauce the best that you can make it. So nothing but fresh ingredients. So I’ve been making sauces ever since.

For my station, when I worked at the ambrosia, I was responsible for 26 sauces, including five specials daily. So after that, I became interested in Mexican food and in kind of curving into Mexican food, I made a lot of Mexican food homemade with the guacamole and the red chili sauce the salsa and the Pico de Gallo. also we started the Cactus Cafe someone wanted something really hot. So I started making the “Ass Burning sauce”, which is basically the first hot sauce that I made. So this sauce consists of orange habanero, chilies, onions, garlic. Different spices, Cilantro, Vinegar and herbs. The “ass burner” became very popular and very hot before I bottle it was sort of raw which was made it made it double as hot. So when you cook a sauce, it basically takes half the heat away. But when served fresh  it did some damage.

So we had a thing at the Matteo’s Fiesta Mexicana Ocean city, where we had a board called the Ass Hall of Fame. So to get on the Ass Hall of Fame, you had to eat the sauce and we put a sombrero on you and you ate the hot sauce on a chip and we would take a picture of you while you were crying. And then it was a Polaroid. And we put it on the Hall of Fame, which will soon be returning to Matteo’s. So that was the Ass burner sauce. That was the first one that I basically created. From there, I spun off into a lot of other sauces, and the red headed step sauce was one of the next proteges, which I tried to keep fairly milder so that I would have basically a red sauce and a green sauce that were there were more edible and more consumer friendly for people that like hot sauce, but don’t want to really burn too much. So the red headed step sauce came up with that name.

I come up with most of my names when I’m tossing and turning in the morning in bed. I started thinking about a sauce and I’m half asleep and next thing I know I come up with a name. So the sauce was the red headed step sauce, and it consists of cayenne and jalapeno chilies. Fresh herbs, spices, vinegar, onions all pureied, and then we cook that and we bottle it. And that’s the sauce that we serve as our read source at the restaurant, and we also serve a green source, which we named the Chili Chili Bang.  So Chili Chillie Bang Bang is a green, habanero roasted and tomato sauce. Very good flavor really goes really good on eggs. Fresh onions, garlic, spices, vinegar and onions, delicious. Then we also have the the next step up from there would would be the Rear trauma.

The rear trauma sauce was a sauce that was created because I wasn’t allowed to say Ass burner on the bottle at Bethany Beach Festival, so I decided to come up with another name that was a little bit more friendly. So the rear trauma was created. It was supposed to be hotter than it was, but it really just didn’t. It didn’t come out as hot because the chilies that year but the people really loved it. And it’s hotter than the red and the green sauce that I make. So it’s a step above. It sounds worse than it is, but it’s still a really good sauce and it does have quite a bit of heat. After that, I came up with the red and green ghost burner, which when I was growing my own chili peppers, they were the ones that wouldn’t mature at the end of the year.  would be green. So I would use those and make a green sauce. And it was kind of a blend of chilis, but they’re very, very hot. So that would be the ghost burner green and which is kind of like a mutt sauce. So it’s a blend of all different chilies, pretty hot and then mainly the choice I grew are the scorpion peppers and the of the ghost peppers. So they would be the red ones. And that created a very hot sauce. So I called that one the Red Ghost.

Then we have the sauce that I use for the the munch-a-lotta is a red red habanero, which I used. I get those from California, I get the seeds and I grow them here. It’s called a red savena habanero, and it’s a little sweeter but still very hot. And it makes a really, really good hot sauce. The Munch. A lot of sauce, which is a homemade ranch infused with the red saveno hot sauce that I make and some herbs and spices. And that source is what we use on our fish tacos.